Reiki Ottawa is evolving! All services and classes will be offered in Kanata.
Watch for fall classes and events!

Welcome to your Reiki journey. Once you begin, you are put on a trajectory for living the life of joy, abundance, healing, growth, spirit, love and health that you deserve and desire.

Reiki Ottawa is professional teaching and healing centre, and the most comprehensive in eastern Canada. Here, we offer you Reiki from beginner Usui degrees to very advanced training and support on the healing and enlightenment path.

Within this site you will find:

  • Information on Reiki, classes and how it is taught as well as the support we provide

  • Upcoming classes on Reiki to the 21st Degree, 5th and 6th Dimensional Consciousness, Reiki with Crystals, Reiki with Animals and other speciality programs

  • Specialized help and learning for advanced energy workers. Kathy Glover Scott is referred to as “the teacher’s teacher and the healer’s healer”

  • Individual Reiki Treatments and Life Intuitive Readings with Samantha Smith

  • Books and CDs to aid in your journey

  • Articles for ongoing learning and Kathy's blog for Advanced Lightworkers

  • Separate monthly Reiki Shares in Ottawa for beginner and advanced Reiki students

Special Announcement:

I am so excited to announce the arrival of my new book Core of Self. Many of you know that it is a divinely guided labour of love.

Its purpose is to provide Lightworkers and people on the path of self-discovery to gain the tools and information to build and maintain a strong inner core. After nearly twenty years teaching Advanced Energy Work and Reiki, it’s been clear that what stops people from evolving is what is missing for them in their Core.

My original Head-Heart-Gut model is the basis for Core of Self. With my no-nonsense approach, you will be able to:
  • Maximize your Mind’s Ability

  • Work through and use your emotions to your advantage.

  • Expand your intuition and use it with laser-like focus in your life.

  • Activate your Head, Heart and Gut instinct to work together – includes a light activation meditation.

  • Be Zen while the world whirls around you, manifesting what you deserve and desire. Build your inner power and let Spirit soar in and through you.

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